What is the "Mindtriggerz Project?"

In June of 2004, Jesse Higginbotham at the age of 14 created an account on the then beta “GMail” (Google mail) choosing the username “mindtriggerz”.  In the course of the next three years it became a familiar name on the internet, posted on forums such as mozillazine, archlinux, rubyforge, and slashdot to name just a few. “Mindtriggerz” was soon synonymous with open source, tech support, contributions of advice and assistance. Opinionated, relentless and often very much appreciated, Jesse’s extensive sharing of knowledge among both his peers and those who had no idea quite how young he really was grew to a level that far exceeded what we suspect was even known to him.

In April of 2007 the local and global community lost a great contributor when Jesse was involved in a fatal automobile accident on his way to school.

Jesse’s parents, with assistance from many sources organized the Jesse Higginbotham Technology Trust, a non-profit, in an effort to continue the work Jesse was so passionate about. The “Mindtriggerz Project” is one of the many endeavors the Trust has embarked upon in honor of Jesse.

Jesse firmly believed that technology should be available to everyone regardless of financial means and support. He believed that technology brought the world home, that the benefits are educational, social and personal. To that end, the Mindtriggerz Project’s primary focus is to place computers in the homes of elementary aged youth who could not otherwise afford it, here in his home of Cardinal Valley. Our goal is not only to give used technology a second life, but to provide the necessary training, follow-up, tech support and upgrades to youngsters among us who might well have an as yet undiscovered talent such as Jesse’s. Students from around Fayette County assist in every aspect of the Mindtriggerz Project: from refurbishing donated computers to training youth and their families, to teaching each other in a manner similar to Jesse's. As of November 2012 almost 100 families have received a Mindtriggerz Computer.

While our commitment to do this work “one computer at a time” is strong, our hope is that our community, Jesse’s community, will continue to support an idea both altruistic and true to Jesse’s nature. To trigger young minds with technology.

We welcome donations of new and used "working" computers and components. Due to storage limitations we are unable to accept printers and scanners. Please contact us to arrange drop-off or pick-up. All donations are tax deductible. Call Jerome Higginbotham at 859-333-8916. Or email us via the "Contact Us" link above.

With ongoing work on Lexington Publics Free WiFi, we are hopeful that once the "signal" is released in our area we will also be able to provide our clients with internet access. This will require USB Wirless Adapters that we are asking others might donate to us. Please see our wishlist items listed on this page.


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Client, potential client and client-based organization links:

Mindtriggerz Application (English)

Mindtriggerz Application (Spanish)

Mindtriggerz Training Lab flyer


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Mindtriggerz Project Wish list:
External Computer speakers with volume control knobs  
Surge protectors
Flash Drives
Apple IPad or other tablets
Wireless USB adapters